With the Euros about to kick off, England fans are probably shocked to hear that the Three Lions are actually favourites to win, sitting at just 7/2 to lift the trophy and 4/9 to win their group.

Euro 2024 Outright Winner Odds

But have they ever won it before? And do they actually have any hope in hell of winning, or will we be crying into our beers come July?

The Early Years: Promising Starts and Premature Exits

England’s journey at the Euros began in 1960, but they were unable to participate in the inaugural tournament due to their refusal to enter. It wasn’t until 1968 that the Three Lions made their first appearance on the European stage, and they managed to reach the semifinals, where they were ultimately eliminated by Yugoslavia. This early success, however, was short-lived, as England struggled to replicate their performance in the subsequent editions of the Euros.

Over the next two decades, England’s Euros campaigns were marked by a series of disappointing group-stage exits. In 1980, they managed to progress to the second round, but their tournament ended with a loss to Belgium and Italy. The 1988 and 1992 Euros were particularly forgettable for the English, as they failed to make it past the group stage on both occasions.

The Rise and Fall of the Golden Generation

The mid-1990s saw a resurgence of English football, with the emergence of a talented generation of players that became known as the “Golden Generation.” This group, led by the likes of David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, and Frank Lampard, finally delivered on their potential when England hosted the 1996 Euros.

The Three Lions reached the semifinals of the tournament, where they faced their old rivals, Germany. The match went to penalties, and England’s heartbreak continued as Gareth Southgate, the current England manager, missed the decisive spot-kick, sending the team crashing out.

The following Euros in 2000 and 2004 saw England make it to the quarterfinals, but they were unable to progress any further, falling to Portugal on both occasions.

The Disappointment of the 2010s

The 2010s were a particularly challenging period for England at the Euros. In 2012, they were eliminated in the quarterfinals by Italy, once again on penalties. The 2016 tournament brought further disappointment, as England were knocked out in the round of 16 by the unlikely underdogs, Iceland.

However, the 2020 Euros, held across multiple host cities in Europe, marked a turning point for the Three Lions. Under the guidance of Gareth Southgate, England finally reached their first-ever Euros final, facing off against Italy at Wembley Stadium. Despite the heartbreak of a penalty shootout defeat, the team’s performance ignited a sense of renewed optimism and belief among English fans.

The Road to Euro 2024: Redemption or Heartbreak?

Euro 2024 Germany Flag

As England prepare for the 2024 Euros in Germany, the pressure is on Gareth Southgate and his players to finally end the nation’s long wait for a major international trophy. The Three Lions have been drawn in a favorable Group C, alongside Serbia, Denmark, and Slovenia, giving them a clear path to the knockout stages.

With a talented squad that boasts the likes of Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham, and Phil Foden, England will be one of the favorites to lift the trophy in Berlin. However, the ghosts of past Euros failures will continue to haunt them, and the team will need to overcome the mental hurdle of their previous disappointments to truly succeed on the continental stage.

The upcoming Euros in 2024 hold immense significance for England and their long-suffering fans. Not only is it an opportunity to finally end their trophy drought, but it could also serve as a crucial stepping stone towards their ambitions of winning the 2026 World Cup.

A successful campaign in Germany would not only cement Gareth Southgate’s legacy as a transformative figure in English football but also inspire a new generation of fans to believe in the team’s ability to compete at the highest level. The Three Lions have come close on numerous occasions, and the time has never been better for them to finally seize the moment and bring the Euros trophy back to England.

Despite the optimism surrounding England’s chances, the Three Lions will face a number of challenges on their path to Euro 2024 glory. The depth and quality of the competition, with powerhouses like France, Germany, and Spain all vying for the title, will make the tournament a true test of England’s mettle.

Additionally, the team will need to overcome the mental hurdles that have plagued them in previous Euros campaigns. The scars of penalty shootout defeats and early exits will undoubtedly weigh heavily on the players, and Gareth Southgate will need to ensure that his squad is mentally prepared to handle the pressure and expectations that come with being one of the tournament favorites.

The Emergence of a New Generation

One of the most exciting aspects of England’s journey to Euro 2024 is the emergence of a new generation of talented players. Youngsters like Jude Bellingham, Phil Foden, and Mason Mount have already made their mark on the international stage, and their performances could be the key to unlocking the Three Lions’ potential.

These players, combined with the experienced heads of Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling, and Jordan Pickford, could form a formidable team capable of winning the Euros. The blend of youthful exuberance and seasoned leadership could be the perfect recipe for success, and the fans will be eagerly anticipating the impact these young stars can have on the tournament.

The Managerial Factor: Gareth Southgate’s Tenure

The role of the manager cannot be overstated when it comes to England’s Euros campaigns, and Gareth Southgate has been a central figure in the team’s recent resurgence. Since taking over the reins in 2016, Southgate has transformed the Three Lions, instilling a sense of belief and unity within the squad.

Southgate’s tactical acumen and man-management skills have been crucial in guiding England to their first Euros final in 2020, and the fans will be hoping that he can lead the team to the ultimate prize in 2024. The manager’s ability to navigate the pressure and expectations that come with managing the England national team will be put to the test, and his decisions could ultimately make or break the team’s chances of success.

The Pursuit of Redemption

For many of the current England players, the 2024 Euros will represent a chance at redemption. The heartbreak of the 2020 final, where they fell to Italy on penalties, is still fresh in their minds, and they will be determined to make amends.

The desire to rewrite the history books and become the first England team to win the European Championship will undoubtedly be a driving force for the players. They will be acutely aware of the weight of expectation on their shoulders, but the opportunity to etch their names in the annals of English football history will be a powerful motivator.

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